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About Women after 50

Women after 50 began at the end of 2012. That was the year my divorce had finalized after 27  years of marriage, and I was looking for a support group to handle all the transition: emotional, financial, physical. I was not working due to a disability.  I was struggling and felt alienated. A friend of mine on Facebook had created a page to support men called Men after 50. I asked him if he would mind if I started one called Women after 50-he gave me his blessing. When I started the page it was more to get my name out there as a life coach, but very quickly it morphed into a page where women were expressing their opinions and voicing problems and concerns. Since then we have grown into this very dynamic community of beautiful, witty, wise, generous and intelligent women who laugh, express themselves, and help other women along the way.  I feel that this has become a place for women to come together and discuss issues that are important and facing most of us at this time of life. I feel blessed to be here and the group has given me more than I could ever give them! xo Sara